1999 Turbo Suburban

At over 7000 lbs this full size Suburban was never going to be a race car. In 1999 the 5.3 was only rated at 275hp flywheel so with this much weight it had a hard a time climbing hills without being at 4000+ rpm in 2nd gear. So the owner put a 212/218 comp cam and turbo kit on it and brought it to me for a tune. At 8psi the Suburban now pulls away strong from the lights and will climb the west side hill in 4th gear without effort, even on 35″ tires.

Update to Martin’s truck

560hp/566tq, this is the stoutest 4.8 I have ever worked on. Truck is a blast to drive, definitely going to hurt some feelings! Stock unopened 4.8 with Comp 224/230 cam, Edelbrock carb intake with elbow, Trick turbo kit, Precision 76/75. Launching off the trans brake it hooks and goes, looking forward to a track pass next year. A Boost Leash and Devils Own meth kit are on the winter to do list so we can turn this one up some more in the spring.