Maggie Charged L33

Facebook and forums make the world a smaller place,I met the owner of this truck online. He installed a Magnuson supercharger package on his l33 Silverado. While the fit is identical, the extra compression did not work well with supplied hand held “canned” tune. I worked with him remote tuning from Georgia to get the truck dialed in to where it needs to be.

1999 Turbo Suburban

At over 7000 lbs this full size Suburban was never going to be a race car. In 1999 the 5.3 was only rated at 275hp flywheel so with this much weight it had a hard a time climbing hills without being at 4000+ rpm in 2nd gear. So the owner put a 212/218 comp cam and turbo kit on it and brought it to me for a tune. At 8psi the Suburban now pulls away strong from the lights and will climb the west side hill in 4th gear without effort, even on 35″ tires.

Update to Martin’s truck

560hp/566tq, this is the stoutest 4.8 I have ever worked on. Truck is a blast to drive, definitely going to hurt some feelings! Stock unopened 4.8 with Comp 224/230 cam, Edelbrock carb intake with elbow, Trick turbo kit, Precision 76/75. Launching off the trans brake it hooks and goes, looking forward to a track pass next year. A Boost Leash and Devils Own meth kit are on the winter to do list so we can turn this one up some more in the spring.

My own personal tow rig

I put a 212/218 cam, Cold air intake, shorty headers, and did a tune. I finally got an opportunity to put it on the dyno today. 358hp/423tq to the wheels on a conservative 87 octane tune. Im pretty happy considering the factory rating was 320hp/360tq at the flywheel. Drives like stock and I can fill it up anywhere.

Randy’s Asuna Sunrunner 4.8 Swap

Wish I had more pics of this one, but for now this is it. 1991 Asuna Sunrunner with a 4.8 4l60 swap. It currently has 5.13 gears while he looks for an 8.8 with 3.73’s. First drive should be entertaining!

Joe’s Avalanche

Joe had added a few bolt on’s and wanted to tune updated to to take advantage of it. He also wanted to transmission not to come out of 6th so easily while on the highway. For a man in his 70’s hes not afraid to use the go pedal!

Eric’s 1992 Chevy Silverado 5.3 Swap

Eric put a 5.3 with 700r4 into his 92 Chevy. I believe its his daily.

Cody’s 1992 6.0 4l80 Swap

The truck sounds bad ass. 2006 6.0 4l80 swap with Tick SNS stage 3 235/243 on a 111+2. Cant wait for the body work to be done and this thing to hit the streets.

Dan’s LS Powered Rat Rod

Dan has done a lot of work to this Model A. It has a 5.3l with a comp 235/243 on a 113, Holley tunnel ram with dual throttle bodies, 4.56 gear, and a 2500 stall. At 3200lbs without driver the roughly 350hp engine moves this car very well.

John’s 1968 C10 6.0 4l60

John took a LQ4 short block and put an LS3 top on it along with a 219/233 cam, headers, and 2400 stall. Truck is fresh out of the body shop with new rims and tires that are not going to last long.

James 1968 C10 6.0 6l80 Swap

James installed a 2010 LY6 6.0 and 6l80 into his C10 last summer and brought it to FLP and myself for finishing. This year he brought it back for a BTR Stage 2 PDS cam(227/242 .614/.592 122+6) and accompanying tuning to go with his 4.10 Trailblazer SS differential. 4.10 gears and a 6l80 make the first gears just about useless as you go sideways with the tires up in smoke.

Aaron’s Sierra

Aaron’s RCSB Sierra started life as a v6 truck. He swapped an LS V8 with 4l80 in its place. I provided him a tune and segment swap to match his modifications. Truck is running/driving now and Arron is enjoying his work.

Max’s Hills Hot Rods Square Body

Max bought this Hills Hot Rods truck with tbi/700r4 combo. He then updated it to 5.3 with a 228/228 on a 110 cam and 4l60. Complete tune with lean cruise. Truck sounds good, video posted further down.

Keenan’s 350z LS3 Swap

What was supposed to be a day of tuning turned into a day with a soldering iron and wiring diagram. In the end we got the 350z to start, run, and drive. Keenan still had a few bugs to work out but we solved most of what ailed it and he was able to get it home.

Chris’s Ratty L33 Nova

Chris’s 1972 Nova has been built with his own two hands(and some borrowed hands of good friends). Car features some Hotchkis suspension upgrades, 3:73 posi rearend, built 4l60 with 3000 stall, and an L33 5.3 aluminum engine with 232/234 on a 112 cam. Supporting intake and exhuast round out the package. The car HAULS! Road trips so far have shown 21 mpg, I think it has more in it if we can just get Chris to keep his foot out of it…………………….

Update: A recent Dyno session has this combo at 349hp and 341tq. 12.95@107

Michael’s V6 Conversion

Originally a V6, this car transitioned from home made 6.0 rear mount turbo with th350 to a 403 front mount. Michael did all of his own fab work. Using a ebay 78mm and our tuning at 12 psi this car made 638 rwhp.

Mark’s 223/231 Avalanche

Marks Avalanche is free of all the cladding that these models typically suffer. And its my favorite gm color! 5.3 with 223 231 on a 112 cam. This thing has a nasty idle, but is smooth and nice to drive. The 5.3 makes the speedo climb at an impressive rate. Looks great and goes too!

The last tank Mark achieved 19us/22.8imp mpg with Lean Cruise enabled.

Gords 1981 GMC LS powered RCSB

I did an LS swap into this truck in the summer of 2010. Turned into quite a strong performer. The little 4.8 gets awesome mileage and easily outperforms the small block 350 it replaced. The truck is used as a hunting wagon, pulls the sled trailer in the winter, and has a plow attached to clear the snow from the acreage in the winter. Gord says he still gets offers to buy it every where he goes.

Kurtis’s 1967 Chevelle with ATK 489

1967 Chevelle is a real head turner. The engine was shipped from ATK with a very rich tune and the car was very lazy. We rejetted the carb and made the other required adjustments and it woke right up. His wife had not previously been afraid of the car, the first time he stepped on it after the tune she said he had to warn her before he did that!

2003 Shortbox 6.0 Swap

Truck was a well used 4.8 base model to start with. I had to spend a lot of time diagnosing this truck as it had a number of problems including failed O2 sensors and MAF. The owner had it painted, cat skin seats added, and a 6.0 with 228/228 on a 110 installed. Truck looks sharp, sounds great, and is very fun to drive.

Customer Feedback…

I have a 2003 Silverado K1500 with the very common LM7 5.3l engine. Modifications include cold air intake, Throttle body spacer, cat delete dual exhaust, 721 Cadillac camshaft, and electric fans.

  My truck has 50000 km on the tune that Jason has installed. It has proven to be very reliable, harsh +40 Celsius summers to painful -40 Celsius winters.

  The mileage has increased from the stock configuration. I can regularly expect 65km more per tank in the city, and 110km more per tank on the highway. I frequently use my truck for pulling either a 27 foot holiday trailer, or an enclosed car hauler filled to capacity.

  I would recommend a tune from D&M tuning. It has worked out very well for my needs.  


Gordon Marconi